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A winged Lada 2105 tries to take off

Great success or epic fail?

43w ago

Designing an aircraft is clearly not something simple. To make a viable and safe product, you have to take into account a very large number of parameters, far more numerous than in a car. The wings, for example, must be perfectly proportioned.

They must not be too thick for cost reasons, but they must also be robust enough to ensure the safety of the occupants. Despite the obvious difficulty of the task, some do-it-yourselfers want to create their own flying car. As a result, crazy handcraft creations are proliferating on the web.

Today, it is a Lada 2105 that has been given wings to try to take off. Even if the car has taken a lot of speed on what seems to be an aerodrome, this oddity, which obviously comes from Russia, hasn't managed to take off. Too bad because the car also had a tail like real planes.

The organizers of the experiment already knew that their project wouldn't go very far. Indeed, for safety reasons, the car seems to have been piloted remotely before crashing into a concrete wall.

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Comments (23)

  • And that lady’s and gentlemen, is when the soviets thought to make a car fly

      10 months ago
  • LADA FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!

      10 months ago
  • One would think using the airport runway would be better than the parking lot.

      9 months ago
  • Today on Russian top gear...

      10 months ago
  • And fails!

      10 months ago