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Ready for something entirely different. Me neither...

Stick with me here. What follows is a personal taste in movies coupled with questions intended to make you think and also a whole lot of rambling. You have been warned.

So as with pretty much every movie on the planet, theres a formula. By this I mean there are key moments that seem to always happen. They can happen in any order but usually it goes like this:


This is obviously where all the main characters are slowly introduced and you begin to build a sub conscious relationship with each one. This is what compels you to keep watching. Most good movies tend to do this within the first 5 minutes, while we're on the subject, I hate it when i'm watching a film and begin to think "What's happening here?" you know what I mean?

There surely can be nothing worse than not being able to follow a film's storyline after 5 solid minutes. A perfect example of this is the opening scene to Quantum of Solace. Bond buffs will know exactly what i'm talking about here.

This (for me) is undeniably THE BEST opening 3.30 minutes of any film ever. You cannot say that after watching this you do not want to go and watch this film. I've seen this at least a hundred times and I still want to go and watch it now.

It's simple enough, dramatic enough, the music is great and the ending is perfect.


So as the story develops you know that the movie is building up for something. Maybe the main characters' best friend will die or maybe (in rare cases) the main character dies! Either way something is about to happen. You know something is coming. But, what happens when you're waiting and waiting for that moment and then it doesn't happen.

Sadly, as with so many films the build up can take too long which ultimately causes people to loose interest. The best example I can think of off the top of my head for this would have to be Need for Speed.

Yes, the cars are pretty cool, the stunts are all real BUT after you know who dies and then you also know who gets out of prison; I just find it so boring to watch. Here's the trailer though so you don't shoot me.


So this one is a weird one. The climax can be either side of the build-up. For example someone could die and then the movie builds you up for the inevitable revenge OR of course the movie could just literally be playing with your emotions and build you right up to the climax.... if that makes sense.

Either way it kind of speaks for itself, you're now at the 'crossroads' in the movie. The full storyline has begun to unfold and if you're anything like me you uncontrollably shout 'I KNEW THAT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN!!!'

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So far then, the Intro got you hooked. So you sat up in your chair with your snacks and beverages gearing up for what could be a great film. Then, the Build-up (hopefully) kept you interested. The Climax made you feel like an accomplished detective because obviously regardless of what happened you knew it was coming. Finally you're here.


This is the part where two different things may occur. Either, everyone makes up and he or she lives happily ever after. Or you suddenly realise what a waste of time it all was and switch everything off.

Either way it doesn't really matter. All that matters is that last scene is almost the only thing people will remember the film by. Obviously then it HAS to be good. This is the part where I tell you about a film with (in my opinion) an appalling ending.

Batman - The Dark Knight Rises.

I know, I know. Don't shoot. (Brace yourself, Rant imminent) But come on really! We all knew that this was going to be Christopher Nolan's last Batman movie so why on earth did he leave such a massive cliff hanger! There is nothing worse.

Spoiler alert, but come on, you've had since 2012 to watch it!

I'm not even entirely sure what's worse, either the fact that Bruce Wayne "dies" only to be spotted with Selina Kyle living out their life to the anticlimactic reveal that Blake was given the Batcave, and maybe is on the path to becoming Robin. Why even bother giving that kind of ending to us, knowing that we'd never see the future of how this pans out?

Lets be honest here though, although frustrating, that is a good ending...right?

Your turn, what was last film you watched that you really loved? and what was the last film that was absolutely garbage! (in your opinion).

I hope you have enjoyed this one guys! Let me know what you think in the comments below.