A woman tries to fuel up her Tesla in a petrol station

The two guys laughing make the vid πŸ˜‚

2y ago

This might be the funniest video of 2018. It was only a matter of time before an electric car owner hadn't read the brochure and tries putting some fossil fuels in their brand new Tesla.

This lady tries many different holes looking for where to fill her Tesla up with good old petrol, but has no luck.

After a good few minutes of the two guys filming her laughing their heads off, a nice passerby points out to her that she may want to try plugging it in somewhere.

If you don't laugh within 10 seconds, you are a better human than me:

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Comments (46)

  • It is funny but also a little sad to see that people would rather film than go help out . Views and likes are more important to people than actually being helpful. I know I'm in a minority on this

      2 years ago
    • the guy laughing is the guy who helped you bellend

        2 years ago
    • Excuse me? Like I say I'm in a minority that I would of just gone and helped her out. Please refrain from using derogatory names in future.

        2 years ago
  • That's for my morning off to a great start. Just think she's allowed to drive, and vote.

      2 years ago
  • Someone please tell Elon if he doesn't know yet

      2 years ago
  • Shows that money can't buy brains!

      2 years ago
  • Not sure which is more shocking, her activity or the boys didn't die of laughter

      2 years ago