A Year With Liberty Media

1y ago


After our ups and downs of the 2017 Formula 1 championship, the season has now come to an end. The next best things we can look forward to are; new car designs and when Williams are going to admit their driver will be Robert Kubitza in 2018. I think its time we look back and discuss whether we think Liberty media has done what it can to pump some life into the sport and make F1 the talking point that it should be.

In a word. Yes.

Some will disagree but when you take a look, whether its ridiculous driver announcements or presence on social media, you can't say they haven't tried. Of course the latest thing on peoples minds is that they don't like the latest design for the F1 logo


Now, I’m on team tradition for this argument, but that’s just because I think they took a bit too much inspiration from the forza motorsport logo to get away with it. But for that very reason I think it will draw a few younger eyes to the sport, which is what F1 is crying for, new generations to embrace the sport like their parents have. Yes they do have bigger worries than a logo, like helping regulations so that the cars can actually follow each other but that’s for another article. I think more free use of mobile phones in the pit lane has had the biggest impact. It’s brought you closer to the face of formula 1, It’s created a bigger online presence especially on platforms such as instagram which makes you feel more involved with the sport and brings it up to date. If nothing else, this will draw new people to the sport as it tries to engage with you more.


Trail, Error and Murica

We all know what everyone thinks of the starting ceremony in America. I also hold the same beliefs that it was long winded, cringey, cheap and the only person who seemed fit in with the spectacle seemed to be Hamilton. But even though this may be true, it does show they are really trying hard to try new things whether they work or not. In this case… maybe not but they’ve probably heard enough negative feed back and though well lets take a pass on this one. I don’t hold the answer to their prayers but there’s nothing wrong with a bit more wow being added to the show. They’ve probably learnt their lesson for that format but probably not forgotten about it, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we see something new again next year.


Even though the world was put through the driver announcements, it’s definitely aimed more at the American audience that are more used to this layout in their sports be it nascar or football. Even though it wasn’t a hit here in Europe, America would always be more receptive to this kind of event. Growth in America and Asia is definitely on Chase Careys mind after he has said several times. It is a challenging step but a good one, as growth for the sport in any country is always good news, and with tracks like Malaysia being raced at for the last time this season, as they cannot justify the cost for the return.

"There is a big untapped audience in the US … Formula 1 is a great premium brand and that means to me that you want to be at a location like Los Angeles, New York or Miami. Ideally in the great cities in the world."

Chase carey

One last great idea is that they encouraged more of an event around the race such as other supporting races and exciting and different things like drifting taking place on the same weekend. This is all part of making the sport more than just a race, it should be a build up to a race not just lights and away we go, 60 odd laps, podium and lets go home. With adding things like live music other motoring races and shows it makes it into a weekend away.

I’m personally looking forward to seeing what they bring us in the future and looking forward to the next season

What are your thoughts? and if you've made it this far well done! This is my first post so any feedback is much appreciated