A Year's Review At DRIVETRIBE

As it comes to one year since i joined, a reflection.

9w ago


July 2019. Summer boredom is kicking in. I spend a lot of time on my phone, and reading car news online was something I did regularly. I think it was through Apple News that I saw a DRIVETRIBE article, and I decided to download the app onto my phone. Immediately, I was confused. I played around with some of the polls, but I couldn't understand what bumps were, or what tribes meant.

So that was the end of that, and DRIVETRIBE ended up being swallowed by a multitude of newly downloaded apps on my iPhone.

Starting to write

I really didn't open DRIVETRIBE again until boxing day, when I had seen a piece by James May saying that the way to get into car journalism was through this app. I found it again, and decided that I would write a very simple article. Entitled 'Cheap Luxury', it recieved 30 bumps within a day, which would go onto become over 50. It got 5 promotions by ambassadors, and it was a very positive experience.

In the next two days, I wrote two more posts - with the names 'Mercedes Design has gone downhill' and 'What to expect this week', and they got 100 likes between them. I was off to a start, and I was thoroughly enjoying the DRIVETRIBE experience.

The uphill struggle

My fourth post gained over 200 likes, and quickly after I gained my first few followers. It took over 25 posts to gain 20 followers, and I found out quickly that, as a rule, quizzes get 8x as many likes as an article will. I was intrigued about joining the 'DRIVETRIBE Creators', but I heard you had to gain a following and be active, so I tried to post, comment and like as much as possible.

Failure, thrice

I applied to become a creator for the first time in February, two months after joining. I had just 30 followers, and guttingly, the answer was no. Nevertheless, I applied again in March, this time with 50 followers and thousands of bumps. This time, I recieved a non-automated response, saying that I was extremely close, but I needed to upgrade my title image quality and take part in the community more.

Unfortunately, I am ashamed to say that at this point, I completely gave up. I kept posting on DRIVETRIBE, but accepted that I would not become a creator. However, this wasn't quite the end...

Becoming a creator

I received a message from John Coleman (DT Staff) in early April. He asked me if I had applied to join the creators programme, and said he really liked my work. I took this as a sign that I should try again, and so in April, I applied, and received the message. 'Congratulations Dan, you have been accepted into the DRIVETRIBE Creators programme'!

At this point, I should explain that the DRIVETRIBE Creators programme is a way of being paid for your posts, by the number of bumps, comments and promotions. Obviously, as a young car enthusiast, it was great to be able to earn a small independent income!

Starting Tribes

It was around May, when I had a Creator payment under my belt, that I decided to set up two tribes. The first - UK Car News - was a tribe in which the latest news to do with Britain (E.g. Aston Martin, McLaren, Rolls Royce, Mini, Ariel, Caterham, Lotus, Morgan, TVR, Jaguar, Land Rover, JCB and Bentley. The second - Car Renders and Facelifts - was a tribe in which renders and facelifts done by us could be shared.

Both tribes are far off from being mainstream, but I am extremely grateful to say UKCN recently passed the 100 barrier, and CRF just passed 70! (Click here for UKCN and here for CRF).

And now... the present!

Nowadays, I have a great community of followers and I have tried a variety of posts (often impulsively switching from one type to another!). I am very grateful to all of you! Here's to another brilliant year at DRIVETRIBE!

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  • Well done mate! Can I ask a question? How do you get paid? Is it through a bank or cash?

      1 month ago