A​arctic Drive - 9500 Kilometres of a Road Adventure

1y ago

Please let me share with you new teaser of my upcoming series - Arctic Drive.
Journey. Road. The North. 9,500 kilometers of road adventure in the Arctic.
The road takes me through Norway to the North Cape. On the way back I visit Murmansk in Russia and Finland. Along the way, I experience an amazing winter adventure and polar night, which occurs suddenly, causing a strange feeling of loneliness and isolation.
I drove a four-wheel drive hybrid Toyota RAV4, testing the car on the way and wondering if it is an good for overlanding.

Filmography and Editing - Kamil Piechowiak
Music - Igor Szulc

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Comments (2)

  • Looks like an awesome adventure, looking forward to seeing more!

      1 year ago
  • Yeah! Great! ... but despite @toyota 🇯🇵 promises, there is still no update of Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) available for 2019 #RAV4 #Hybrid, which was supposed to be available in second quarter of 2020 as a consequence of problems with so-called “moose test” _🦌_🚙💨 run by @teknikensvarld 🇸🇪. Even worse, according to the latest @toyota.polska 🇵🇱 official response “the update will be available in September 2020 for models produced from November 2019”. Does it mean that such an update may not be available at all for models produced in 2019 but before November? Is it really the intention of the world’s largest car manufacturer like @toyota 🇯🇵 ?!? @toyota 🇯🇵 please respond!

      1 year ago