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    injured in motocross now racing cars with hand controls

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    When I was 7 years old I was bought a motocross bike.

    After practicing in local fields for a few weeks, my passion for racing was born.

    I loved the sport and competed for a total of eight years before an accident at my favourite track left me paraplegic and a permanent wheelchair user.

    The eight years I raced for were very successful and I won over 70 trophies.

    Following my accident I spent ten months in rehabilitation before returning to college early in 2007.

    Shortly after this I was lucky to be offered a sponsored drive in the Production BMW Championship.

    However, in order to do this I needed to pass my ARDS (Association of Racing Drivers School) test to get my Race Licence.

    And I needed hand controls.

    This short video shows how I've set up my hand controls to throttle and brake.


    My hand controls - throttle and brake

    Here's a photo where you can see my hand controls.

    In 2007, following ten months of testing to prove that I could escape from my race car in just 6 seconds and gaining racing experience through sprint events, I passed my ARDS Test and was awarded my official Race Licence.

    After gaining my race license I was unable to compete in 2008 and 2009 due to a lack of funding.

    This was really hard to swallow as I had got the racing bug and worked really hard to get myself race-ready and competitive.

    In 2010 I completed in my first Production BMW Championship season and was awarded the driver of the year.

    This was a really proud moment for me and after a great season of racing, I knew this was the sport for me.

    I competed in the Production BMW Championship until 2015, when I stepped up to the highly competitive BMW Race Days Compact Cup series.

    I'm the only disabled driver competing in this series and despite doing everything with my hands, am fully competitive and race on a level playing field.

    For 2017 I am looking to continue in the Compact Cup series and look to improve on my 2016 results and show that I am able to give the top ten a run for their money.

    Check out this video that tells my story from motocross to racing BMW's.


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