Abandoned cars

2y ago


Given that this Opel Manta is parked in a farmyard not a barn, it's probably not what you'd call a "barn find". Mind you, that probably won't stop some eBayers (yes you know who you are) from going down the 'only needs a few jobs for the MOT' route in their description.

I spotted this appreciating, moss stricken classic coupe in Clun, Wales while filming a TV show, and it is very clear it hasn't turned a wheel in some time.

But I want to see what you've spotted - don't go for the low hanging fruit and take a shot of your neighbour's neglected Toyota Yaris, get out there and peer over drystone walls, peek through splintered wooden barn doors, and get posting below to tell me what you've found.

Hopefully it goes without saying, but keep your hunting safe and legal, and be general about your locations - we don't want to be making it easy for 'certain' people to pin point cars which appear abandoned.

After all, they might just have been trailered home, having been listed on eBay as an easy restoration barn find.