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Abbie Eaton may not be returning for season 4 of the Grand Tour

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With the season 4 of The Grand Tour right around the corner, we say hello to a new format of the Grand Tour, however, along with the tent we will also be loosing the infamous Eboladrome. And yes, while some may not be too disappointed about this, especially after the controversy stirred up by the Eboladrome, there’s one accompanying change that I'm sure you wont be happy about.

Abbie Eaton, the show’s test driver who quickly built up a large following of her own, may not be returning for the fourth season. While there has been no official comment on this, there seems to be no apparent place for a racing driver in the new "special-only" format of the Grand Tour. Furthermore, with only 2 episodes reportedly coming this season there wouldn't be many opportunities to use a driver racing driver.

Abbie herself said on twitter after Season 3 of the show ended:


It’s fair to say that she doesn’t know herself whether she’ll be returning or not. However, there is hope. During Season 3 she was involved in two non-track segments. She first appeared in a Porsche 911, where she raced against Jeremy on an interestingly shaped track, in Sweden. Her second appearance took her to the far reaches of Azerbaijan where she raced against the trio in a rusty old car.

H​owever, although the thought that she will not be returning to the Grand Tour is quite upsetting; it’s recently been announced that she will be part of the 2020 lineup for the W Series where she will compete with another 19 drivers. Something, which is surely better than being the driver for a TV show, no matter how fun it may be.


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  • Well, I think she'll be somehow used like the Stig's cousins. She will be a good benchmark for challenges and I really hope she comes back!

    7 days ago
    27 Bumps
  • This is part of the problem with GT. It’s lost it’s way. It used to be about cars. Now it’s a travel show.

    7 days ago
    15 Bumps
    • Disagree, it lost the way that you wanted it to take. It changes over time, it has to because the people making it change too. Its a car-themed Adventure show now, Jermy said that more...

      Read more
      5 days ago
      15 Bumps
    • Yes, it must change. Everything changes. But that’s why I said “part” of the problem. I have no problem with them going to Brazil, China, wherever. But when that becomes the focus...

      Read more
      5 days ago
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