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4y ago

Cars are design objects, timepieces, stylistic icons; embodiments of emotion. They’re not just vehicles of transportation but also of dreams, memories and often wishful thinking. I’d love to make as many people as possible feel the excitement today again, which was once generally associated in the earlier days (i.e. the 60s – the freedom of individual transportation). I’d like to show photos of a desirable lifestyle (just through its picturesque beauty; not only through its pricy nature) in which the car plays a major role. Fun with friends in Ibiza? Thanks a lot Skoda Yeti from that cheap rental place. Amazing trip along the route 1 in California? Not without that Mustang from the overcrowded rental station in down town SF. Well… and sure… cruising over the hills of Monte Carlo feels satisfactory adequate in a Bentley Continental. What I’m going for is content, which people interested in fashion are going to love - and which people interested in cars are going to love. Hopefully both will get a taste for the other, if they don’t already have it yet.

To achieve this goal this Tribe relies on high quality fashion media content. Furthermore: It relies on aesthetic imagery of strong women (and sometimes others). If you’d like to be posted here please do send material!

These are some relevant tags: #Fashion #article #bts

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