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The story behind ford-mania and how after 12 years we are still here

4y ago

Originally from 2005 it was well known as RS-Mania particularly as it was before the now well common ST Brands were launched.

9 years on and the group had been renamed and rebranded to Ford-Mania to reflect the changes and demand from owners across the spectrum and just not RS Owners

So who is Ford-Mania and who runs it?

Well say hello to Ian Taylor aged 40 and is by trade an IT Implementation Consultant for the UK. After speaking to him he had this to say “Back in 2004 the idea was to have a forum, something different from the usual RSOC group and at the time Passionford – don’t get me wrong I have made many many great friends off their and still are friends with them to this day, but it was time to do something different.

Eventually in January Ian launched RS-Mania and was very popular as a group growing each year. He forged links for discounts for members with companies like Opie Oils, Adrian Flux, Just Affords, Gap Security and PJ Motorsport to name a few. Now in 2017 he is now involved with KMS Motorsport, Jamsport, Anembo Engineering, Matt Lewis Motorsport, Airtec amongst many others - well 33 in total! How does he do it!?

He tells us that’s Facebook came along back in 2007 and essentially killed the forums so it was time to get on board with FB along with Instagram and Twitter which gained him a bigger growth and recognition which saw them forge a great bond with Ford Focus RS Direct the car sales business.

After that the group saw Richard Fox join with his awesome RS Focus 671bhp monster join car us and he in turn adorned his car with the website logos and is still with them to this day. This then led the group to find other great members who have featured in Magazines such as Dean Lewis, Nick Moore, Mike Kitson, Craig Hayter and Paul Cluely to name a few and of course in Performance Ford
this year have seen Ade Berry, Ian Ely Wright, Ian Robinson, Jack Terry, Luke Garner being featured.

In 2016 Ian launched 3 new subgroups of Ford Mania, one in Scotland and for Australia and the USA .2017 and 2018 will see the group embark upon a strategy of expansion. Ian would like to say a huge thanks to his son James Taylor helping run this with me from the age of 6 (he is now 18), his daughter Rachel Taylor, Richard Fox, Adrian Thompson, Carl Frain. Alistair White for running Scotland. Andreas Tatt for running Australia groups and the rest of his admin team which is far too many to mention from what we can see.!”

Statistics :

Facebook Like page – 37000 members
Facebook Group Page UK – 5200 Members
Facebook Group Page Scotland 1100 members
Facebook Group page Australia 600 members
Twitter – 600+ followers
You tube channel – 93,000 views

Highlights of 2016

Ford Fest 62 cars on display
Ford Fair 125 Cars on display
Linked up with Children with Cancer with £150 been raised so far
7 awards won by Ford Mania Scotland for best stand

Attended in 2016

Fast Show
Isle of Wight Ford Take over
Squires Ford Meet x 2
Performance Show
Modified Nationals
National Day
Ford Fair
Ford Fest
RSOC Coombe
Organised Blueprint open day
Organised Jamsport Open day
Crail Ford Live

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  • Hello! Is there any way to get in touch with any of the staff of Ford Mania?

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