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Morgan Motor Company is a truly English company that has been keeping its tradition for more than 100 years in the production of limited luxury sports cars. Despite the rapidly changing world around, Morgan cars as a fortress are impregnable. It was founded in 1909. Founder - Henry Frederick Stanley Morgan. The Morgan Motor Company factory is located in the city of Malvern in central England. All Morgan cars have a classic or stylized classic design sports cars of the 30s and 40s. The main material for the assembly of all Morgan models are tree varieties such as ash, oak, aspen, maple and high-strength steel, as well as aviation aluminum. The interior uses expensive Windsor cow leather and satin aluminum. At the request of the customer, inserts from valuable varieties of trees and gold are put on the car.

They make each of their cars manually, and the company produces about 600 cars a year. Those who want to buy an exclusive hand-made sports and fast car have to wait more than a year. The cost of the car varies from 44 thousand dollars to 300 000.

Why could Richard Hammond choose this car? Perhaps because he loves old cars and sports, lives in an old castle and adheres to the traditional English style in clothes and life. Morgan is not just the classic Rolls Royce form, but sports luxury. This legendary car symbolizes all the most grandiose achievements in motorsport. It is a dream of speed and great achievements. Most often it is ordered by the Americans. Therefore, this car was chosen a little such an American Richard Hammond. Once his castle belonged to a man who had the word America in his initials.

This car recalls the greatest achievements in motorsport. This car is literally and figuratively very suitable for Richard.

Getting to the car factory is easy. You can buy a group tour at a travel agency or just buy a ticket at the factory. First, a tour to the museum, then from a distance they show the conveyor. You can ride on a train, and even get an invitation to have a lunch at the dining room. Maybe this photo from FoodTribe is just from the dining room in Morgan? I don't know it exactly

The museum has a show room where cars are presented that have not become serial. The manual production reigns on the factory where each car is unique and has its own unique character, something that makes it alive. The soul and heart of people who put their work into it.

Morgan does not produce its engines, but buys them ready-made from different manufacturers. A contract has now been signed with BMW.

Morgan cars do not created for a warehouse of car dealerships. Each of them is individual and is made to order. The client chooses everything, up to the material and color of the interior of the glove compartment. A special booklet is created for each client, like Richard Hammond's. In these books, the entire specification and special requirements for the car are recorded, it also indicates the passage of assembly cycles.

Cars themselves are not entirely made of wood. The car frame is made of wood, ash. But here aluminum is also present for strength and stability of the structure. All materials are specially selected so as not to add excess weight to a sports car. Elements of the body are made of aviation aluminum, which is literally ground with a file.

Some manufacturing techniques may seem archaic.

Morgan is perhaps the last truly real car. It is done without saving, and not for the sake of earning on spare parts. Morgan could have built a conveyor line, but instead they ended up rolling the cars up and down the hills, from hull to hull for refinement on the next part of the car.

A lot of orders for such cars from America. Maybe that’s why such a British Richard chooses the most favorite American car? I think it leads to this passion for adventure and discovery of the new. Like the first Britons in America at one time.

Design forties, very simple design. The car only looks old in appearance. Inside, it's super modern and full of electronics. It's a bit of a thing of the past, forever into the future. It remains to add an electric motor from the outlet and what will the super-modern James May say then?

Some colors may seem too twisted. But this is the fulfillment of the desire of the future owner. At the factory, they even allow the owner to remove the first film from the nameplate, Like on new household appliances.

And once, a hundred years ago, it was with the production of three-wheeled vehicles, such as Reliant Robin, that the Morgan History began. Today, Morgan revived these ridiculous cars.

Of the shortcomings, Morgan has only its high price, because manual production is always a great attention to every detail. I think Richard Hammond should buy such cars for himself. Because then the risk that something breaks and an accident happens will be minimal.

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Richard paid a lot of attention to the blue car ...

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  • From my experience of the Morgan factory tour it is a excellent day out and very interesting to see cars still being made the old way as I have seen how more modern cars are produced as I visited the Land Rover Solihull factory to go on the Range Rover anniversary tour not long ago. The Morgan factory just seems special and the tour guides are passionate about the cars. Plus they have a cool gift shop and a great cafe.

    9 days ago
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