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3y ago


After months of pointlessly trying to force myself to write boring reviews on the latest shitbox I had driven in the everlasting style of CAR or EVO magazines, my cunning and creative uncle suggested a slightly different style of voicing my opinion in a hopefully less mundane way.

Not being part of the seemingly glamorous circle of car journo’s that have to catch 6am flights to Munich for the latest front wheel drive BMW launch, my first exposure to almost all cars is via a my bed in the morning, peering through the many cracks in my Iphone to pass instant judgement on whatever has been launched, revealed or leaked via an internet full of mostly crap.

So having explained the format, my next move is to try and maintain this small, but interesting spark of momentum and let you know what I think, as a graduate in car design (who doesn’t work in the industry of course) frustrated at the lack of attention I seem to be getting.

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