Absolutely insane lap of the Nurburgring in the new Porsche 911 GT3 RS

I doubt many of you have heard of Kevin Estre, but I think we will all have found a new hero. In this video, Kevin demonstrates how good a driver he is by taking a passenger around the Nurburgring as fast as he can possibly go.

The car he has decided to push to its limit is the new Porsche 911 GT3 RS. Now, I am a fan of the latest 911 GT3 RS, but I wasn't 'in love' with it. I think it's fair to say my mind has been completely changed by this video alone.

Kevin decides that 280kph is the perfect time to point as his speedo

I knew 911 GT3 RSs were all about the lap times and being engineered to be as quick as humanly possible, but the noise that this thing makes is utterly gorgeous. It sings its way around the Green Hell and looks completely planted and composed the entire time. Compare this to the classic Ruf Yellowbird Nurburgring video and you can see how far performance cars have come.

Sit back and relax and watch one of the most satisfying Nurburgring laps you'll ever see.

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