Abu Dhabi 2016

2y ago


I am disappointed with Rosberg.
Credit where it's due, he's shown perseverance and determination on the level of the most capable athletes on the planet, but I still believe he lacks the true essence of what it means to be a World Champion.
Even as a Hamilton fan, I felt short changed by Rosberg this year. I’m not going to discuss whether I think he actually did deserve it or not, because that’s a whole different kettle of fish, but I’m sure I can’t be alone in thinking that in the last few races, he didn’t make me feel as if he deserved it. What I mean by that is that as soon as he had an opportunity to win the championship, he didn’t take it. Let me explain.
When Jenson won the title in 2009, and Lewis in 2015 to name but a couple, they clearly made the best possible effort within their capabilities to snatch the world crown at their first opportunities, both claiming the championship before the final rounds of the year in incredibly exciting, brave fashion, as did vettel, although I tend to gloss over those years as many of you may know, I don’t particularly rate vettel.
The beginning of the end for Lewis’ title hopes came in the ending run of races where Rosberg could’ve claimed glory, from America to Abu Dhabi, I believe. I don’t know if it was over-confidence, arrogance or even lack of belief in himself, but Nico most certainly did not appear desperate to prove to the world he could beat Lewis in dominant, conclusive fashion. I firmly believe Lewis is the better driver, but I do not believe that Nico is so far behind Lewis, that he could annihilate him in every qualifying session and race from America to Abu Dhabi, and if that is the case, clearly Lewis deserved the championship. Nico should’ve silenced his critics by proving his worth and trying to take the world title away from Lewis by physically beating him on track, wheel to wheel, because at the end of the day, that is what we mark drivers on, their driving ability, not trying to be clever and tactical and sitting behind your team mate in 2nd for the last 4 rounds, not risking anything. To me, Nico didn’t look like he was trying.
I’m not saying Nico had to get into crazy fights with Lewis and the Red Bulls and crash out, just drive a little quicker and hurry Lewis, give him a run for his money. Nico’s tactic was dull and dispirited, he didn’t prove to me that he was a worthy world champion, because I personally believe he had the wrong mindset going into the last 4 rounds. If it is the case that Nico was really pushing in the last four race weekends and Lewis is that much better than him, I don’t think anyone deny who should be lifting the FIA trophy in a fortnight. There is a difference between taking unnecessary risks, and calculated ones. Nico didn’t play the game.
But anyway, bring on 2017. I have a feeling it’s going to be mega, even without Jenson and Felipe. Best of luck to them both.

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