[AC 1.10] - FERRARI F138 - MUGELLO - RACE FULL GRID - 3LAPS - G27 - FHD@60

[Assetto Corsa 1.10.2] - Ferrari F138 - Mugello - Race Full Grid - 3 Laps - AI 88% - Logitech G27 - Full HD @ 60fps

I made this race for the main purpose to show my skins from Patcha Pack. But this video shows the race itself. Onboard and then standard replay. Later I'll make a different video to highlight much more my skins.

[Date yyyy.mm.dd: 2016.11.24]

Game: Assetto Corsa (1.10.2);

Car: Ferrari F138;

Livery: Officials + Patcha Pack (mine: Carbon & Gold);

Race: Quick Race;

Location: Scarperia (FI);

Track: Mugello;

AI & laps: 88%, 3 Laps;

Starting Position: 24th;

Ending Position: 4th;

Controller: Steering Wheel - Logitech G27;

Setup: custom + supersoft tyres;

Driver Assistance: Factory + tyre blankets;

Gears: Sequential;

Clutch: Sequential;

Difficulty: Expert.

Skin Pack link: www.racedepartment.com/downloads/ferrari-f138-patcha-pack-4-skins.12026/

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