AC Cars begins testing its all-electric Series 1 sports car

W​as slated to launch last year

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Electrifying old school classics - not many may approve of the idea, but this practice is being followed anyway. AC Cars, the engineless race cars that honed V8 motors from Shelby to ultimately become the iconic Shelby Cobra, is now plugging in batteries and electric motors to its classic sports car body. Last December, it brought out the AC Cobra Series 4, a 620hp all-electric sports car co-developed with Falcon Electric. And now, there's a brand new Series 1 up for sale.

Originally, the Series 1 had its launch slated in July last year. Owing to supply chain issues, the launch got delayed. However, the car is currently undergoing testing, with customer deliveries set to commence later this year. And only 58 units will be made, making this a limited-edition roadster EV.

The total output is rated at 308hp and 369lb-ft torques, allowing this roadster EV to complete the 0-60mph sprint in four seconds. That sprint time could have been longer, but because the Series 1 carries a small 55kWh battery, it only weighs 2315 pounds (or 1050kg) and hence carries a great power-to-weight ratio.

The downside of the small battery is range - a measly 150 miles (or 240kms). The battery recharge can be facilitated by a 6kW charging source, topping the juices in about 10 hours. Not the best EV to cover long distances but good enough to have a blast around the B-roads. Helping you do that are modern braking and suspension systems fitted in the car. The Series 1 carries an Mk1 Cobra body and can be had in four colours: blue, white, black and green.

The idea behind the limited-edition Series 1 was to celebrate the production of the first Cobra launched six decades ago. "The shift from petrol engines to electric motors almost 60 years later will be just as significant as the original epiphany, allowing the famous British name to sell highly desirable high-performance cars that are fit for the future," as mentioned by the sports car producer.

The AC Cobra Series 1 EV retails with a £138,000 (or $190,840) starting price. No word from the British firm on the Series 1 getting exported to the USA, so one can assume this to be a UK-model-only.

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Comments (12)

  • Making some classics into EV's works. Making ALL classics into EV's does not. This is one that just doesn't work as an EV. As the Beatles sang, "Let it be".

      1 month ago
    • So which classic would you see get electrified?

        1 month ago
    • Some of the larger heavier cars. Something small and light like this just doesn't work due to battery pack size and weight. I would say large saloons would benefit. Replace a monster ICE engine with batteries and electric motors. That seems...

      Read more
        1 month ago
  • To me the Cobra was the ultimate form of a car with an engine. Raw V8 visceral engagement, noise, fun and power. This is a rebadged washing machine.

      1 month ago
  • Will the also be making ICE versions along side it too or is it only in EV?

      1 month ago
  • It is not a true Cobra unless it has a big Ford V8. It just isn't right otherwise.

      1 month ago
  • It's a electric kit car Cobra. I guess if you were to do this to a original its price will plummet.

      1 month ago