- The AC Schnitzer Reloaded ( Photo Credits : www.dieselstation.com )


Since 1987, the AC Schnitzer company from Aachen has always been involved in the preparation of BMW cars. It was only after 2000 that the company's top management extended their activities to the motorcycles produced by BMW Motorrad.

The original F800 R ( Photo Credits : www.totalmotorcycle.com )

For this reason, in 2009 a modified variant of the new F 800 R by the name of Reloaded was made.

Detail of the aerodynamic components ( Photo Credits : www.dieselstation.com )

Compared to the original model, the new modified version implemented external superstructures to protect the mechanical parts and improve the aerodynamic coefficient of the vehicle.

Rear section ( Photo Credits : www.dieselstation.com )

The standard handlebar was eliminated and changed with one built in aluminum. On this handlebar there were mounted new rear-view mirrors designed to improve the rear view and the new adjustable levers in light alloy.

The Stealth exhaust system ( Photo Credits : www.dieselstation.com )

Other additions included: the new Stealth model exhaust terminal to improve the engine sound and a multi-adjustable mono shock with progressive springs for the fork to improve both road holding and braking.

Side section ( Photo Credits : www.dieselstation.com )

The Reloaded represented the first of a long series of naked developed by the Aachen company.

Thanks to Valentina Zanola for the cooperation

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  • Nice to read and see pictures of the company I am working for..

    Greetings from Germany

    (by the way: Steinmetz was also part of the group, and tuned Honda bikes back in the days too)

    13 days ago
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  • That is a good looking bike, and I'm not all that into the naked style.

    20 days ago
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