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If you are not familiar with AC Schnitzer, then don’t worry. I’m sure many people haven’t heard of them. I was never a big fan of after-market tuning, but in recent years (like anything else in the automotive industry); parts, labor and overall craftsmanship have improved immensely, at times blurring the lines between OEM and third party creations. Some of my preferred choices are BRABUS (for Mercedes-Benz), TECHART (for Porsche), ABT (for Audi) and now this..


Let’s be frank, NOBODY needs more speed added to any of the cars that I have mentioned above. They are well engineered, beautifully designed and lovely to drive. Nonetheless, there has never been a shortage on customers wanting “a little extra” that may or not be provided by the manufacturer.

AC Schnitzer began life in 1987. They currently offer upgrades on BMW, MINI, LAND ROVER, JAGUAR and an array of motorcycles, but they are mostly well known for their "Bayerische" creations. Their parts are designed utilizing race-inspired techniques that translate to a superior ride on the road and visually “enhanced aesthetics”.

In other words; faster and prettier. But beauty does lie in the eyes of the beholder, so you make a judgement call. Nice thing here is that you can opt for just a new set of wheels or go full-blown-bad-ass carbon spoiler crazy on your car.

Customer is King, eh? Long live the power to re-invent the wheel (no pun intended).

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  • Good stuff. I just fitted a set of AC Schnitzer sport springs to my F56 MINI Cooper S. They are the perfect set for a bump in handling yet still preserve some of the comfort you need for your daily drive.

    12 days ago
  • They make parts as tasty as schnitzel

    12 days ago


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