AC Schnitzer turn the M8 up to 11 with their latest tuning package

If you thought the BMW M8 was brash, you might need to sit down for this one

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When the BMW M8 was launched last year, it was one of the most hardcore factory BMW models the world had ever seen. Imagine my surprise then, when a press release from famed BMW skunkworks AC Schnitzer found its way onto my virtual door mat.

If you thought the twin-turbo V8 with 600hp (625 for the M8 competition) was more than you'd ever need in a road-going BMW, think again. The ACS pack for the M8 pushes this figure to an insane 700bhp (720 for the competition) which sounds biblical when piped through the custom ACS valved sports exhaust. Available in a choice of black, sport or 'carbon sport' finish, you can match the exhaust to the aesthetics of your own personal vehicle.

With the additional power, ACS also provide their own custom body panels to help 'compensate for headwind' in order to make the most of the 700hp+ tune. Custom front splitters, side skirts, rear spoilers and rear wing are all available to make your ACS M8 stand out visually as well as on the road.

In traditional AC Schnitzer style, there is also an upgraded spring kit available which takes 20mm and 15mm off the height of the front and rear of the car respectively, which looks fantastic when paired with the custom AC3 'Evo' wheels.

Forged to be as strong yet light as possible, the AC3 'Evo' wheels have been designed specifically for the ACS M8. You can also choose from the AC1 light alloy wheels and Type VIII light alloy wheels in a variety of finishes if they suit your style better.

Inside the car the ACS touch is restrained, being limited to a set of aluminum details such as the paddle shifters, pedals, footrest and keyholder. The rest of the interior is left as it was when it departed the factory, but with BMW's incredible interior design, this is not a problem.

So, if you thought your standard M8, M8 Competition or M8 Gran Coupe was too... boring; You know who to call.

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Comments (7)

  • Brabus and Rennsport can get 750-800 out of Merc’s 4.0 V8, there are a number of tuners that can get those figures out of The RS6 engine too.

    Personally I think they should try harder unless the engine/gearbox combo is just not good enough to take more than 700bhp.

      26 days ago
    • If you send it to manhart isnted you get 823 hp and 1050 nm...

        18 days ago
    • That’s more like it, 700-720bhp is for old people! Ha!

        18 days ago
  • I preffer none...The car is not even an 9, much less an 11...

      27 days ago
  • Here's another opportunity to say,

    "That's fast M8!"

      27 days ago
  • A brilliant car but the real m8 is better

      26 days ago
  • That is pure insanity and awesomeness at the same time.

      27 days ago