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      Academic Driving: gaining new ground

      Drivetribe-originated stories of cars and science spread across the world

      1y ago


      Hi Mates,

      Thanks for dropping in. On this cold Canadian summer day (it’s +16°C in Edmonton), I bring you some hot news. Academic Driving books reach their readers and get positive feedback!

      For those, who’re not aware, Matt Parsons (illustrator) and I put three books onto Amazon this spring. “An Introduction to Academic Driving”, two Kindle books and one paperback. They contain nerdy stories about cars and science. Drivetribe original product. The summary of everything we published on Academic Driving tribe during the last two years.

      And we are especially proud of the paperback!

      The paperback seems to get the readers’ attention and spreads across the world. I know for sure that a copy (at least one) reached Belgium, Italy, US, UK, France, Poland and South Africa. The following people wrote me back that they had got the book:


      In the UK, the book is being read by James May, sensible gentlemen whom some of you may know:

      Kindle books also do quite well. In late May, I run a giveaway and above eighty people downloaded the first part. Which was WOW! Today, I think of new giveaways. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, you can read Kindle books for free with the Kindle Unlimited subscription.

      Speaking of subscription, the Amazon statistics show that three readers swallowed the first Kindle book in one day. These were chaps from Mexico, UK and Japan. I have no idea who they were, but it’s nice to know that they got so involved.

      There is a difference between Kindle books and a paperback. While the articles remain the same, I could not include all of the pictures I wanted into the Kindle (because this would make the book very expensive). Therefore, you will find many more pictures in the paperback.

      And yes, you can read paperback without an electronic device.

      Speaking of the nearest future. New Kindle book is coming: “An Advanced Academic Driving” Part One. It will include eighteen articles about cars, science, and discoveries. Matt and I will make an emphasis on space technologies in this book (you didn’t forget we have S.P.A.D.E, did you?). The cover is in the making; it will be in purple-blue colours.


      I also plan to run a book launch and a couple of presentations soon. The first will be in Edmonton, Canada, where I currently reside. No details yet, but I hope to make something creative and memorable. Stay tuned.

      And yes, click the link and get your desired book copy. Cheaper than chips:

      1. An Introduction to Academic Driving (Part One, Kindle) www.amazon.com/dp/B07PNRLP3X

      2. An Introduction to Academic Driving (Part Two, Kindle) www.amazon.com/dp/B07R7JSFK7

      3. An Introduction to Academic Driving (Full book, paperback) www.amazon.com/dp/1096296950

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      • Has anyone read this book

          1 year ago
      • I wish a big success and endless happiness! :) I wish you to get a photo with Jeremy and Richard with your book in their hands! :)

          1 year ago
        • Dear Svetlana, thank you for your support and encouragements. I'm happy to have you among my readers and friends. And yes, I hope Jeremy and Richard will also get their book copies ;)

            1 year ago
      • Just ordered the paperback on Amazon. I am old school and still prefer books to digital media. I look forward to reading this.

          1 year ago
        • Thanks Ohto. Both Matt and I greatly appreciate your interest in our book. Paperback provides a different reading experience if to compare with Kindle. I understand your choice perfectly well. Have a nice read!

          Also, consider sending me...

          Read more
            1 year ago
      • James May knows how to make an appearance. Congrats with reaching him, Ost!

          1 year ago
        • Thanks. That would be impossible without the DT team support. Looking forward to hearing what thinks about this book.

            1 year ago
      • This article was published 16 weeks ago. I wanna update. I know that you published one more kindle book, where is it?

          1 year ago


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