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      Academic Driving saga: new heights

      The book of nerdy stories about cars and science is now available in paperback

      1y ago


      Hi Mates,

      I’m happy to announce that I have something to boast with, lol. The Academic Driving saga continues and “grows thicker”. Today, alongside Kindle books, you can get a paper version counting 290 illustrated pages.

      For those, who’re not aware, “An Introduction to Academic Driving” is a book of nerdy stories about cars and science. Drivetribe original product delivered to you by Matt Parsons and I. The summary of everything we published on Academic Driving tribe during the last two years.

      But the paperback is not all news.

      Today, three are three “Academic Driving” books on Amazon. As I promised in my earlier posts, 2019 would be a year of books. So, you have three car-and-science titles in two months (and one purely scientific, which I won’t mention here). More titles are coming!

      Click the link and get your desired copy. Cheaper than chips:

      1. An Introduction to Academic Driving (Part One, Kindle)

      2. An Introduction to Academic Driving (Part Two, Kindle)

      3. An Introduction to Academic Driving (Full book, paperback)

      Apart from this, there was a free Kindle book giveaway on May 3-5. And it worked! My books had a couple of dozens of downloads. Now, it would be super-nice if all people who got tempted by Kindle versions wrote honest reviews on them. On Amazon.

      Coming back to the paperback. I’m happy to announce that the first ever person to buy it was Stijn Paspont. A historical figure! In a future far-far away, Stijn may consider auctioning this first ever copy for millions of dollars, lol.


      A short insight into my publishing aspirations. In the coming weeks, I hope to complete the post-production of “An Intro to Acadrive” audiobook Part One. I also hope to put “An Advanced Academic Driving” Kindle Part One on sale.

      In late June / early July, I plan to run some book launches and presentations in Canada. Stay tuned. There will also be some short-term Kindle discounts, but I haven’t yet decided on dates.

      So, let me know in the comments whether you’d like to get a PM from me about discounts in the future. Or whether you’d like to attend a book launch. I promise to keep you updated.

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