Accessories for your Weekend Warrior

L​ook, we all watch the youtube video's of people building their rigs for overlanding, with roof racks that hold tents, HI-Lift jacks, and awnings. Big heavy bumpers with spare tire and jerry can holders. A luggage area with a freezer, cook stove. Why I would love to be able to do that, but with two kids, I don't have the means to spend as much as the vehicle is worth on accessories.

S​o when I started looking on what I wanted to do, I set a budget and went with items that are easily portable, so I can take them out during the week to save lugging around unnessary weight. All that extra weight puts a strain on suspension, brakes, engine, and fuel consumption.

T​he first thing I did was add a differential breather kit. Most factory breathers are too short and could ingest water during deeper water crossings. The kit I purchased was around $120, so not out of anyones price range.

For extraction if we get stuck. I bought a snatch strap and a set of traction mats. These will work for most situations, just know your capabilities and you may never need them. I paid around $200 for both items.

T​he next item I aquired was a small portable awning. Its not as big or flashy as the overland versions, but it was only $30 and worth it, if you only use it a couple of times a year.

T​he next items I use quite a bit. A good cooler to keep all your.....waters ice cold. I have looked at the freezers, but for a two day trip, a cooler is all you need. Instead of buying that rooftop tent for $1200, I went with a $40 tent. A good water jug ($50), maybe a cook top ($30), just in case it rains.

S​o for less than $1,000 you can have plenty of items to go on short trips. If you would like a review on anything, just comment below.

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