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According to a new study Bentley loses money with every car they sell

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Why do companies sell cars? Enzo Ferrari once famously said he sold cars strictly to finance his racing endeavors. Enzo had no interest in selling more street cars than he absolutely had to. That is an extreme view and even old Enzo himself started to see the light and joined the rest of the world. A world that sells cars for one purpose, one driving force behind all of their efforts, MONEY. If you need any more proof of this look at the rise of the crossover. Crossovers sell, and as such just about every single manufacturer makes one.

Money is the singular driving force for just about every single business. Why bother otherwise? To that end we are going to take a look at a study conducted by Duisburg (Germany) economics professor Ferdinand Dudenhoffer. In this study Dudenhoffer broke down each manufacturer into their net profit per each car sold.

On the one side of the spectrum you have Bentley who nets a $19,715 loss with each car sold. Bentley says that is down to the companies new focus on electric vehicles. Speaking of EV's Tesla and all it goes through nets $12,757 loss with each car sold. Combine that with "production car Hell" and you can imagine why Elon Musk finds himself and his little car company in hot water.

In the middle ground you have companies like Jaguar who is making a profit, but not by much (+$927). Volvo and Maserati are both making $5800, with Volvo making slightly less than the Italian marque. As for the Germans, Audi, BMW, and Mercedes Benz are all operating at about $10,500 profit while Porsche nearly doubles their German rivals making a $19,500 profit on each car sold.

Even the might of Porsche can not hold a candle to Ferrari who is making nearly $80,000 profit on every car that leaves their showrooms. Proof that you do not need to be a mega company churning out thousands of eco boxes to make a profit selling cars.

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