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According to this video, a J-turn in a Smart is not a good idea

Being an novice stuntman can have unexpected consequences...

1y ago

Skidding is an art! Drifting a car is an exercise that requires more training than you think. It is even a must if you are a stuntman! In the United Kingdom, a Smart Fortwo driver who is certainly not a professional stuntman nevertheless tried the experiment, with an unsurprising result.

The Smart Fortwo, because of its very small size, is the ideal city car for urban areas. Its very narrow width makes it easy to sneak into the narrowest streets. But this compactness has a counterpart: at high speed, the Fortwo becomes unstable and its height gives it a high centre of gravity... So it is not the ideal partner in tight corners...

The scene that follows proves it. After a reversing followed by a sudden steering wheel movement, the car ends up on the roof instantly! Fortunately, the driver does not appear to be injured. The car, on the other hand, will have to undergo heavy repairs before it can hope to see the road again...

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