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    Ever since Ace Cafe's inception in Orlando you may have caught wind of the mass amounts of automotive buzz happening weekly at the establishment. It's surely a popular place welcoming a lot of automotive enthusiasts. It's a nifty and shiny new place to be for any local that loves cars from yesteryear, today's more current styles and bikers are sure to find something to fancy their tastes on the bike nights that come every month.

    But did you know...

    The Ace Cafe was established in 1938 in London?, It was a simple road house cafe for traveling patrons and truck drivers. The cafe was open 24-hours and soon attracted motorcyclist as well.

    PHOTO SOURCE: Ace Cafe website/History Tab

    The Ace Cafe and the automotive passion that fueled it.

    What you may notice about the Ace Cafe is that it's very "geared" towards the automotive culture. Originally it was a place to grab a quick bite or maintenance your car or bike then be on your way but it became a place of gathering for young and wild motorists who wanted a place to hang out and listen to Rock 'n' Roll back in the day.

    Carry that history into today's day 'n' age and tell me if you notice anything, similar?

    It's no secret that the Ace Cafe in Orlando is keeping the tradition strong by catering to the automotive culture here in Florida and like days of old, today's generation can be seen gathering together for the purpose of showing off their hard work, grabbing some food, and enjoying a drink amongst familiar face or new friends.

    Attending the show was actually refreshing. The atmosphere made you feel at home, people were socializing and I spotted a few dog owners walking with their canine counterparts of all breeds and sizes. With a beer in hand and good friends to chat up the night with and watching cars come and go, I can say the Ace Cafe has really made me fall in love with what it's trying to do.

    Bringing good people together for the love of a good time.

    For anyone looking for a place to hang out with your local car or bike clubs, if you love cars and want to grab a bite to eat or just a place to kick back and relax while enjoying the automotive view Ace Cafe is the ticket.

    Rich with history and a welcoming place for any true gear-head.

    read up on the full history of Ace Cafe in the link below!


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