It’s #Porsche time fellas! This brand is something from another world. I mean look at that body! Kim Kardashian has nothing on that butt!

It is packing power. Loads of it. And the best thing is it knows how to handle it. So what if the manual gearbox is gone? Most of you can barely make it through a km long jog. This nasty Deutsche Auto can go through that same distance in just over 20 seconds. I mean Usain Bolt is as slow as the French administration compared to the amazeballs performance of the GT3.

Meet Kim K!

Meet Kim K!

So please don’t criticize. Progress comes in many forms, shapes and sizes, the manual gearbox may be gone but to be honest, most of you guys don’t care, it’s just for the die-hard purist Porsche fans out there that the pill is slightly harder to swallow. However, most of these people, just like the frustrated hipsters gentrifying cities all over the world, have stopped consuming anything made after 1995 (except for that iPhone 7. Takes great pictures for Instagram. ).

the manual gearbox may be gone but to be honest, most of you guys don’t care

Mathew Yarden

And look at the bright side: you get a PDK gearbox instead! Most of you guys (just like us) have no idea what this means but it sounds FUN! It actually means “Porsche Doppelkupplung” (more flaunting material for you guys, you’re welcome). We have no idea what this is supposed to do but it sounds like engineers in Stuttgart missed a lot of their children’s birthdays to create it and we thank them for it.

Don't worry, the PDK works just fine!

Don't worry, the PDK works just fine!

So go on, say yes to change, yes to progress and give it a chance, the looks of the car should be enough for you to sell your house, wife and kids to be able to get your hands on that baby, and in our honest opinions: totally worth it.

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Porsche 911 GT3

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Perego Cars, situated in Switzerland between Geneva and Lausanne, for giving me the opportunity to drive, review and shoot their car.


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