- Grid openers: Hamilton, Verstappen & Bottas. How about some Ferrari?

Achtung! Hockenheimring should be the best race of the season.

As the season arrives to its 11 race in Germany, things get much more interesting

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Long straights balanced with chicanes - the German circuit.

Long straights balanced with chicanes - the German circuit.

5 possible scenarios that can heavily reflect on the next season:

1. Vettel DNF or finishes 16-20

This may lead to dramatic events for him and for Ferrari. The team is deeply struggling with technical issues, not to mention chaotic strategy decisions. This affects heavily on Vettel who fails consistently to restore his glory days. Leclerc's career and motivation gets affected as well, as the young driver has full potential but keep on hitting obstacles. If today Vettel woun't finish properly, both him and Mattia Binotto should reconsider their future with Ferrari.

2. Lando Norris will score points

If Norris will manage to score points and overcome starting 16th, this can lead to a very bright future for him. Mclaren will comprehend that their young talent is an actual contestant for Verstappen and Leclerc - and may invest heavily on him in terms of strategy. This may mark Norris as wanted among other teams in the far future.

3. Haas's catastrophe

Haas started quite well this season and managed to score important points, but things went downhill faster than principle's Steiner could possibly imagine. Grosjean and Magnussen clashed at Silverstone at the very beginning and by that added an entry to the list of peculiar incidents of both drivers. It is difficult to say what factors spoils it for the team, but in my opinion Steiner is the absolute last to point fingers to. The Italian struggles with the rivalry and characteristics of the duo and if one of them finishes driving too early today - this may lead to a whole different Haas next year.

4. Räikkönen & Giovinazzi

Alfa Romeo gradually manages to show the best of the Finnish veteran with a brilliant car that fits him. Kimi is fantastic since Canada and scores impressive points, adding to his 1841 repertoire. If things keep on going this way, it is likely for him to stand on the podium this season - something I will very much like to witness. On the other hand Antonio Giovinazzi struggles at his debut F1 season. So far he scored only one point and finished best at P10. At Silverstone he DNF and next year is uncertain. Rumours say that Schumacher junior is being targeted by the team.

5. Mercedes - changing a winning horse?

Lewis Hamilton is at his absolute peak of the career. Gaining a pole position yesterday although the flu he suffered from during the weekend. This means a lot to Mercedes in their home race and 125th year of motor racing which they celebrate. Wolff's radio comment summs it all: "Lewis, this is Toto, you never stop to amaze us. congratulations!". Verstappen who starts 2nd now has a significant challenge, but not as significant as Bottas's who must do his absolute best in order to promise his seat for next year in the team. Esteban Ocon jeopardizes Bottas in Mercedes but things are far from being certain, though it seems as if Mercedes fans are eager to see the French next season.

Ocon & Wolff

Ocon & Wolff

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  • Undoubtedly it was a great spectacle, the outcome however had very little to do with actual racing, so by no means a great race.

      2 years ago