Action Racing 1:24 Ryan Newman 2002 Alltel Rookie NASCAR Taurus

1 year before Rocketman crushed the competition for a season.

1w ago

Having been a NASCAR fan for a while. I remember the Rocketman year which was 2003. Ryan Newman killed it that year and won a crazy 8 races for the season! His career never duplicated that astounding success. In fact, his rookie year of 2002 was far more quiet. He only won 1 race as a rookie, the rain shortened July race at New Hampshire. During that year he raced this #12 Alltel Ford Taurus. I wanted to add a Ryan Newman car to my collection and picked this one up (along with a similar Team Calibur Alltel Car).

This is an excellent example of how volatile the NASCAR diecast collectables market is. Ryan still drives in the series and is good for a surprise win once a year sometimes. But since he's substantially cooled off since his super hot 2003 year, his fan base is less than rabid. As a result you can find his 1:24 scale cars on auction sites for beans. This Action Elite series car would have retailed for around $100 was an easy score for less than $20 now.

And ohhhhhh boy this comes from a time when the Elite cars had some fantastic details. Metal grilles assembled on the front. Suspension details. Tiedown ropes for the trunk and hood!! wires from the distributor!!! Bonkers. The current elite cars don't go hardly this far with details anymore which is a shame. The car also comes in a super fancy felt lined box (hence all the felt hairs all over the car). It's really amazing what details they had on the earlier cars that are no longer present.

I also felt that the Ford Taurus looked super sharp in NASCAR form. <3 Thanks for looking!

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Comments (3)

  • Models in 2002: EVERYTHING is modeled to perfection*

    Models in 2021: "Hur dur, plastic go crack..."

      7 days ago
    • So much truth here, especially with the NASCAR models. Back then there was more competition between diecast makers. That really pushed the companies to offer more details and a better product :(

        7 days ago
  • Turn it upside down and spin it for added realism.

      6 days ago