Acura launches the RDX PMC Edition and it looks awesome!

Donning its new Thermal Orange Pearl paint, the Acura RDX is ready for its turn at Acura's Performance Manufacturing Center.

36w ago

Acura. A brand that in and of itself is delightfully average. While its not quite on par with the Germans, it does have the guts to hang out with the likes of Lexus, Genesis and Lincoln. Their compact SUV, the RDX is getting the same treatment that the TLX sports sedan and MDX full-size crossover have already gotten, and that is a hand-built special edition, built at Acura's Performance Manufacturing Center in Ohio.

See, Acura has this weird price issue, where they don't have top-tier models that can command similar prices to the NSX supercar. A fully-loaded MDX A-Spec comes out to around $60,000, which is quite a way off from the NSX's $157,500 starting price. Not to mention Acura hasn't had the best luck selling in that price range, in fact, Acura only sold 1,019 RLX's in 2019, which means that Acura sold less $50,000 four-door cars than Lamborghini sold Aventadors. That's just plain funny.

So how does Acura compete in this market? Well, this recent launch of PMC edition models seems to be their strategy. Hand-built alongside the NSX supercar, and limited to 360 units, these RDX's will sell to Acura enthusiasts and that will be the end of it.

It should be said that these PMC Edition models are based on the RDX A-Spec, which means that you'll get all of the performance goodies to match the snazzy paint job, like 20-inch gloss black alloy wheels, black accents, and dual black chrome exhaust finishers.

I think these are pretty sweet, just not my cup of tea. I think that Acura is playing smart with these models, and the limited number will help them get every dollar out of them that they're worth.

What do you think of the RDX PMC Edition? Is it worthy of being built alongside the NSX? Comment Below!

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Comments (5)

  • Looks nice but this is anything but sporty. Bought one last year. Grossly underpowered. Gave it to my wife. At least it’s reliable.

      8 months ago
  • We have a 2020 RDX A-Spec in the Apex Blue Pearl with the red leather. That thing is a beast! (This coming from a first-gen NSX owner).

      8 months ago
    • Surprised to read this. Respectfully, I don’t think you can call a 4 cylinder a beast. It’s got terrible turbo lag and the10 speed shifts are dull to say the least.

        8 months ago
    • We’re all entitled to our opinions. Our RDX is instantly responsive, full power as soon as the accelerator is pressed. I stand by my descriptor of “beast.”

        8 months ago