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Acura to debut limited edition TLX

5w ago


Car and Driver, DigitalTrends, CNET, and others are reporting that Acura will be releasing a limited edition run of it's TLX four door sedan called the PMC this year and it will be shown to the public at the forthcoming New York Auto Show.

With a cost estimate of $50,000 from Acura, this PMC limited edition upgrade takes the V6 SH-AWD TLX A-Spec model which has an MSRP of $45,200 on the 2019 model and gives it some aesthetic exterior upgrades including a red paint previously only offered on the NSX, a gloss black roof, different wheel rims, and bigger exhausts. On the interior the car receives some special badging and plaques and Milano leather seats with red stitching. Also, the Advanced package is included which normally can't be purchased with the A-Spec trim level. This provides a few more interior features including wireless charging for your phone, heated steering wheel, surround view camera systems, and some other features.

Sadly, there's no mention of any performance enhancements to the car. The V6 engine is the same 290HP as any other trim level of the V6 model and there's no upgrades to handling or suspension. This PMC model then is all purely cosmetic. While the car has its final assembly and testing performed at the same Performance Manufacturing Center (hence the name, PMC) in Ohio as the NSX, there's no further performance modifications on a car with the word performance in it. A new exhaust for a beefier sounds, or maybe just some bigger sway bars since it was all taken apart anyway was too much to ask? Just a little something to tantalize Acura fans about the forthcoming Type-S variants might have been nice. It's already a limited edition whose price will be higher than a regular A-Spec so a few factory add-ons wouldn't be a terrible expense would it? Admittedly it's a very nice looking car and so is the A-Spec, but a little more bite to go with the bark would be welcome.

But, perhaps it will work out and sell out quickly. The CNET article referenced mentions that the TLX is outselling models like the BMW 3 series and Audi A4. Plus, this will help fill the time at the PMC plant since the NSX sales were down quite a bit in 2018 but are experiencing a healthy rebound with the recent changes to that car. Acura also states that the popular MDX cross over will also get the PMC treatment and possibly other vehicles in the company line up.

Serious work going on here. White brake rotors? Okay that's kind of neat / Source: Acura

Badges? We don't need no stinkin'... oh.. we do need those? Okay... / Source: Acura

Special 19 inch rims / Acura