Acura's best-seller gets an upgrade on October 14

Stay tuned, as they say in Torrance, California

36w ago

The MDX is Acura's best-selling vehicle and in the best tradition of creating a niche segment you can then claim a record in, it is also America's bet-selling 3-row luxury SUV. Again, every record can be claimed if you make it specific enough but you get the gist, the MDX sells (one million units across two decades) and Acura has decided to capitalize on that by unveiling an upgraded model.

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The fourth-gen MDX, set to be unveiled on October 14 will feature a new "sharply sculpted" beltine running the entire perimeter of the car, new Jewel Eye LED headlights at the front and Chicane LED taillights at the rear.

Acura only gave us a teaser image, a teaser video and nothing else. Both are quite cryptic so it's kinda hard to tell what the new model is actually going to look like in the real world. I think if you like the old MDX, you're probably going to like the new one as well because car manufacturers love to talk about evolution instead of 'revolution' when it comes to upgrading their designs.

I guess we gotta wait and see.

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