Acura's 'Type-S' Badge Will Return With A 3.0 Liter Turbo V6

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Acura's 2nd generation TLX sports sedan will soon be unveiled, in digital form, on May 28th. While the prospect of a new Acura sedan may not raise any hairs on the back of a car enthusiast's neck, what's most exciting about this announcement is the return of the Type-S badge to their lineup and what will be found in its engine bay.


The last Type-S to have graced the United States was the Acura TL Type-S in 2008. The midsize sedan was powered by a 3.5 liter naturally aspirated V-6 pushing 286 horsepower to the front wheels and had a controversial (for the time) quad tipped exhaust. This new Acura TLX Type-S will certainly make a lot more power than the last Type-S.

The teaser picture in the video showcases the return of the quad tipped exhaust, as well as the latest fad in sports car/sedan/hot-hatch/every new crossover design cue: The rear diffuser. The image also shows the TLX's wide rear silhouette.

The first time we've seen the idea of the TLX being floated around was back in 2016 when the Acura Precision Concept was revealed in Detroit for the North American International Auto Show. Fast forward three years later we were greeted with a much more refined and more production-like example, called the Type S Concept.


The official word from Acura is that the TLX Type S will house an all new 3.0 liter Turbo V6 engine. Judging by the badging on the trunk lid the TLX Type S will be capable of sending this power to all four wheels. How much power exactly isn't known, but V6 turbo engines in the 3.0 liter displacement can range anywhere in the low 330s all the way up to 400s. What's certain is that the TLX Type-S will infuse a lot more excitement back into Acura, and hopefully an expansion of the Type-S for the rest of the lineup.

How much power do you think the new TLX Type-S will make? Please let me know in the comments below

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  • I just really hope it'll look like the concept

      13 days ago
  • What’s the difference between the TL and TLX? It would be nice if they introduced coupes back into their lineup

      13 days ago