- Abarth 695 70° Anniversario with ad Assetto Variabile spoiler.

ad Assetto Variabile Spoiler: Any good and should you own one right away?

Abarth is offering this unique new spoiler which offers physics defying performance and completely transforms the way the car drives. Time to grab it.

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If you are a great Fiat aficionado and more so, an Abarth enthusiast, you might reckon the rich heritage of the Fiat cars from the yesteryears such as the 1000 Bialbero Record and 1000 Corsa that led Fiat to win several accolades in the world of racing.

While you might think that these cars used an extremely potent engine, you’d be astonished to know that these victories took place because of a spoiler added to the cars! For instance, the 1000 Corsa used a resin spoiler during a race in 1966. This car has broken 8 distinct records in 1960 in the races.

This fabrication led Abarth to secure as many as 133 records in racing between 1956 to 1966 after which the 1000 Corsa received the moniker of ‘silver torpedo’. As a matter of fact, in 1962, Fiat won a race by keeping the rear hood of the car open. This not only served as a spoiler to give it an aerodynamic advantage but also as a mechanism of dissipating heat.

Fiat believes that cars shouldn’t have only raw power but a smorgasbord of components to complement the heart of the car - the engine. Carlo Abarth, Abarth’s founder, believed in using aerodynamics to provide such nimbleness to the car that defied the laws of physics.

Recently, the technical team at Abarth have come up with yet another path-breaking enhancement of their coveted spoilers. Named the ad Assetto Variabile, this spoiler provides for 12 different positions depending on the course they take for augmented stability. It can be adjusted manually by the driver between angles of 0 and 60 degrees. The outcome? Increased downforce for better handling and greater agility around the corners. This spoiler adds 42 odd kilos to the car that make a solid transformation of its driving characteristics on the racetrack.

To check its worthiness on the track, the nifty spoiler was first tested in the Abarth 695 70° Anniversario. The research and development team spent hours meticulously appraising the spoiler at the FCA wind tunnel in Orbassano, near Turin and on the Vallelunga circuit near Rome. The spoiler also helps to increase the grip on fast mixed courses and accentuates stability at fast highway speeds.

This is a truly laudable invention for a car that is going to spend most part of its life on a racetrack. However, this spoiler has been designed in such a manner that it wouldn’t be a hindrance at all in everyday driving. This means that while you can have your adrenaline levels witness a boost on track, the mundane work to office commutes are also sorted. This has been made possible by combining work on the official team and the production of racing components.

This ad Assetto Variabile spoiler is a trailblazing invention and pays homage to the records made by the legendary 1000 Corsa hatch. It underscores how far Abarth has come owing to its technological expertise and perfectly demonstrates how it has built upon its forefathers. The unique design, better driveability, rapid and accurate cornering are the few but great perks this spoiler delivers arousing an incessant desire in one to sample it as quickly as possible at a nearby racetrack. It has at least in me!

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