- ©Gruppe C GmbH/ ADAC Motorsport

ADAC Formula 4 continues to rely on Abarth power

2y ago


Since the introduction of ADAC Formula 4 in 2015, Abarth have supplied the four-cylinder 1.4-litre turbocharged engine, producing 160 horsepower. For the next two seasons, the German series will continue to use the turbo engines from Italy.

This extension to the partnership between Abarth and ADAC also means that the series will continue to use the chassis supplied by Tatuus over the next two years.

ADAC F4 drivers will continue to 'feel the sting' of the Scorpion with Abarth's continuous engine supply ©Gruppe C GmbH/ ADAC Motorsport

"The Abarth-ADAC partnership proved perfect from the beginning – also in the support of the growth of young drivers and presenting Abarth technology in this challenging and competitive environment. We want the motorsport champions of future to 'feel the sting' of the Scorpion from the very start of their career", explained Mario Alvisi, Head of Abarth Operations.

"We are very pleased that Abarth is just as committed to the promotion of upcoming talent as we are and that they will continue to supply engines to ADAC Formula 4. By extending this partnership, we have a proven engineering package to work with over the next two years", added ADAC Director of Motorsport and Classic Motoring Thomas Voss.

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