- ALMAR Shiftier for American Truck Simulator & Euro Truck Simulator

Add Some Realism To ETS2 & ATS With These Accessories

Del Mac posted in FireRam

23w ago


Euro Truck Simulator 2 & American Truck Simulator by SCS Games are the best truck driving simulators on the market if you want to experience driving a truck. There is also a massive modding community for both games and can be customised with mods to suit your own taste. however if you want to add even more realism to the game there is good few accessories to help you out too.

Now if you have any racing games you may also have a wheel, pedal and shiftier set but if you do not then this should be your first port of call for adding some realism to you trucking experience. Personally i like Logitech wheel, pedal and shiftier sets having owned 2 of them first was the G25 which can still be bought second hand. At present i am still using the G27 again will also need to be purchased second hand, There is also the G29 & G920 both are made as same design only differences is the button configuration and what consoles there compatible with the G29 is made for the PC & Play Station where as the G920 is made for PC & Xbox.

The next thing you will want if you want to change gears like a real trucker is an USB Gearshift Knob, these feature a 2 toggle switches one at the bottom of the Gearshift to switch the range and one at the top on the side to split the gears from low to high. I am using the one pictured above which is an ALMAR and is based on a real Scania Gearshift Knob. If you would like to check out the Gearshift Knob in action the please check out one of my highlights from a ETS 2 live stream on Twitch at the link below.