- Photo Credit @astonmartinwarszawa via Instagram

    Admiring glances at the 2018 Warsaw Motor Show

    For the love of Aston

    Photo Credit @astonmartinwarszawa via Instagram

    Photo Credit @astonmartinwarszawa via Instagram

    Richard appears to be rather mesmerised at the 2018 Warsaw Motor Show, which ran from 16-18 November.

    According to @astonmartinwarszawa Via Instagram, Richard appears to have a penchant for the older Aston Martins. Who can blame him either?


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    Comments (3)

    • I still can't believe that I was there ⏳😭

        1 year ago
      • Dreams can and do come true 😉 You will remember that day for the rest of your life. We are honoured that you shared your special moment with us all. I bet it took some sinking in that you met him

          1 year ago
    • A new addition to the collection ?

        1 year ago


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