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    into the barren volcanic uplands of iceland's Thórsmörk

    4y ago


    Driving a Land Rover Defender along the winding, gravelly track into the monochromatic uplands of Iceland's Thórsmörk - literally translated as 'Thor's Limit'.

    Leaving marked roads and trails is illegal in Iceland, but even in summer you need 4x4s for routes like the F261, which spurs off the island's southern ring road, between glaciers and up towards the famous aircraft-pestering Eyjafjallajökull volcano. It's rutted surface spans plains, hugs mountains and glaciers and, at points, dips through rivers.

    Pictured is the 40-metre high Gluggafoss waterfall, who's name comes from the Icelandic 'Glugga', meaning window, because the water shoots from 'windows' of rock on it's way to the pool below.

    Images: Stan Papior & Richard Webber

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    • Great pictures. Definitely on my list of possible holiday destinations now.

        3 years ago


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