Things are often better assessed from the outside looking in!

3y ago

Wondering what your car says about you? Need to freshen up that whip for a first date and can't decide between halos and custom door projector lights? (Neither! Clean out the trash you stuff in the rear seat wells!) Not sure if the guys at work ridicule you about your ride because they're just idiots or if they have good reason to? Thinking about a new purchase but are unsure of the stereotype that may come with it?

Well here's the place to solicit the suggestions you seek, and while you're at it, help a bro or sis out and throw them some opinions from your perspective. #whatwewant #advice #smalltribesrule

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  • Well I want a modern but second hand Euro 6 BMW 530D, the only thing holding me back is it may be worth diddly squat in 5 years time due to UK tax changes on Diesel's, oh and diesel gate. I am 45 and want a capable car that is comfortable and able to sit on a motorway at speed with no effort, quite, refined car. I respect Audi, but could not own one, due to the image of the drivers. Suggestions people, please. Thank you.

      3 years ago
    • Got it! But how does it relate to the relationships in your life? Its another parameter to consider. Do you have kids to tote around? Single and d@ting? Married with a spouse that doesn't care what you drive? Affirmed lifelong bachelor? Back...

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        3 years ago
    • Divorced, two teenage boys who I adore and see regularly. Currently single, happy and open minded to meeting someone new. The BMW is not very practical, in that I should really have a hatchback or an estate, but I am not keen on the GT or Touring...

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        3 years ago