AE86 C​orolla GT-S Saved From The Scrap Yard

4w ago

I'm sure all across the world, in every car scene, there is a car or two that is well known. Maybe it's just a hero car with a interesting backstory, maybe it is the fastest car in town, maybe it's never been beaten in a race, or maybe it's just some rare or collectable car that gets daily driven. The cars been around longer than most of the people who gather at the local meeting spot. It's built up a reputation for whatever reason. Well here is one from where I currently live in Central Ky. There's even a cheesy nickname that I've heard some people jokingly (or so I hope) call it; "The Ghost of Tates Creek" (a local down/up hill road that leads to a ferry crossing that some locals like to touge). The car is a Toyota Corolla GT-S (or AE86). US Spec, and saved from a car crusher about 12 years ago. The owner is an avid Auto-Cross driver, who has taken this car from scrap metal to race car. Under the hood is the highly desired 4AGE 20V blacktop. Its a stripped down, daily driver, still capable of fighting for Fastest Time of the Day at the Auto-X. Personally I'm always happy to see street friendly grip builds as I've never been sold on how awesome drifting is supposed to be. The young kids flock to it because now the 86 is iconic for it's roles in the drift culture and Initial D. To me, I've always been a fan of old Toyotas, and well balanced drivers cars. So the AE86 and a few other versions of the Corolla have always had a special place with me. -- If following people on instagram is your thing, you can follow him @roller_ae86 or me for that matter @tougesolo

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Comments (2)

  • well... i would not call it saving if you didn't repair it body wise

      29 days ago
    • The car was saved from the crusher. The owner likes the patina and has spent a lot of money on chassis and engine. It's safe to drive.

        29 days ago