- The Rip Saw

Is It A Tank?

Well, nobody really knows you see. It's exotic and yes, it's luxury. The definition of a tank is heehem; An enclosed heavily armed and armored combat vehicle that moves on tracks. So that doesn't help but, the definition of a car can help us. Now here it says that in order for a vehicle to be considered a car it must have 4 wheels. This as it may have come to your attention doesn't, so it's not a car but to define a tank it must have tracks. This does. So, I can confirm that the Rip Saw is a tank. Infact, it is the fastest tank in the world. A distinctive car would have noticeable brake calipers but instead this has noticeable springs. These springs stop you from going through the floor of the Rip Saw. But, on the other hand they deliver comfort. I'm sure when the first tank was invented, they didn't expect one like this 81 years later.

It's Not All Tank Though!

It has an obvious luxury element. You don't have smooth suspension to stop you flying through the floor, let's be real here. You have for luxury... And that too. It genuinely is luxurious indeed. It's also very futuristic. Now well Iran and America are how do I say this, having conflict. You can be sat in the Gobi desert sipping a cup of tea in the Rip Saw. It's not a car that you'd look at and think ''There's someone drinking a cup of tea in there'', but to be quite frank, there can! This is the most as the cool kids say 'the most rad' car in the world. It has everything. It even has aout 4 ultra bright lights all around the car. Not to be little miss pesty but the visibility is fairly low. In fact, it's super low. You can't see besides you and you need to sit very high to even see out. But it is bullet proof and this is what the Cybertruck should be!

The Specifications

Now it was made by the Americans, so that means it has the most perfect, nicest roaring V8 in the world. It can produce 750bhp and weights 4.1 tonnes. Not bad for a tank however! It is tactically used by the US Army and can generate 1,000 lb-lbf. It is half of what I expected it would cost. This Rip Saw comes in at $250,000. It has a payload capacity of 2,000 lb. The Rip Saw has a top speed of 80mph. 80 and we're referring to a 4.1 ton tank here. That's brilliant!


It's just a bit of fun to be honest with you. I can't complain at all!



It is a brilliant piece of kit that was made for fun. I THOROUGHLY enjoyed making this!


Thank You so much for reading. It was just a little nippy article today and I hope you enjoyed this!

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