"Africa's" Savannah

The unique nature within Caucasus mountain range resembles that in africa.

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In order to enter the Vashlovani National Park one must acquire special pass at the park office. It's also not allowed to camp just anywhere in the area, once you start the trip through the protected land you must reach a rangers house for every night and set your camp there.

Free4x4Style Team together with LR Defender Club Russia Expedition to Caucasus protected areas. Vashlovani National Park (Republic of Georgia) is situated in the south eastern part of Georgia close to the border of Azerbaijan. Its area includes Pantishara-Vashlovani massive, whose height is up to 50-300 meters above sea level. The name Vashlovani is derived from the natural similarity and position of pistachio and apple trees, that leaves the association of the fruit garden. It is a semi-desert area with unique landscapes and a rich flora and fauna. The territory of Vashlovani is a paradise for the World's biologists, ornithologists and zoologists. About 700 plant species are described in Vashlovani, though among them can be distinguished the distribution of diversity of orchids (7 species), Georgian iris and Eichler’s tulip. The fauna is quite diverse and attractive. 46 species of mammals inhabit the landscape. There are many jackals, red foxes, hares, wolves, lynxes, jungle cats and indian porcupine and even brown bears, who are so rare for semi-desert areas. One can find the flocks of thousands of Blackbirds and Rosy starlings. There are many other small birds: sparrows, wheatears, goldfinches and finches. Little bustard and more rarely – Great bustard can be found in winter. From the birds of prey - Imperial eagles, Black vulture, Griffon vultures, Marsh harriers and Buzzards. Chukars are abundant too. Rarely, but sometimes, there can be found Black Francolin as well.

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