After 3 Years, It's time to look to the Future...

I'm split guys - I've hit a point I believe every car enthusiast goes through with their first "nice" car. I really need your opinion.

2y ago

First of all, Happy Birthday to my baby Bagheera! After 3 years, this car has brought me more joy than I could ever dream of. In this episode, I've finally come to a split in the road on what I should do with my car. Do I stop...or keep going.

This is a very personal and stupidly hard choice to make. I've again, owned this vehicle for 3 years - and I love it. There is more I would like to do, but at the same time I've hit a point where owning another vehicle would be just as fun. There are more cars I would love to experience, and I'm truly torn between the two. Owning ANOTHER car is another huge financial commitment, but for the love I have of cars it's one I'm willing to take on - but it brings my total of vehicles I personally own up to 4 (I currently own an Abarth, the Camaro, and a Silverado).



What would YOU do in my situation? I'm at a point where I honestly...don't know.

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  • Keep driving it as a daily driver and start saving for the next one. It's a mistake to store it in my opinion. Drive it another 100k and see where it takes you. You bought it to drive not to rub with a diaper collecting dust somewhere.

      2 years ago
    • That's true. That's so true...It doesn't deserve to be collecting dust man.

        2 years ago
  • I would honestly keep it and keep upgrading and tuning until you are at the point that you just aren't feeling the car anymore it's a big choice but that's what I would do if I was in your situation

      2 years ago
  • Get a Miata. Miatas are awesome...

      2 years ago
  • You have a very easy situation: take the abarth and the camaro, trade them in for a MANUAL 1SS or 2SS 2015-2017 Camaro, and work on making it lighter and more responsive based on experience you build at tracks. With no car payments, it will double duty as your weekend/track/rally/C&C car, and you still have the Silverado for utility. Save your money, pay less insurance, and keep your “baby” from rusting/buildup/oxidations/negligence by sitting it somewhere (it will just nag at you with exponential need$). If you don’t have “$6k” to just pay off the car payment (ask any old-money: the absolute best investment is to pay off your debts, bar none), then adding another car (depreciating liability) within your price range (it’s all relatively the same unless you’re talking smash/missile cars) will just be burning money faster while you’re in a good financial space despite the low payout. Instead, learn manual and take it out for SCCA/NASA/etc track days with an instructor and the car will “refresh” in ways you would otherwise never get no matter how much power your wallet can make. Also, the social benefits from having one proper sports car that genuinely runs tracks can do wonders, like meeting a significant other, best friends, and even lawyers to get those pesky tickets washed away!

      2 years ago
    • The Abarth is our company car 2) I am not going to trade in the Camaro unfortunately it has almost 100k on the odometer and it’s only work about $7500 - I have nearly $11,000 worth of work done to it :/ I’d be losing all the way around. But thanks for...

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        2 years ago
  • send the car this way: address...

      2 years ago