2y ago
After all the revolting opinions, what original generation Camaro do you think should give the next redesign flavor?

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  • I didn't think the 4th Gen was going to be a popular answer. The Camaro was always in an odd place in GM's lineup. LIke so many cars GM made, they had to keep their distance from the 'Vette. There couldn't an equal or even an equivalent.

    The 4th Gen made a bit of sense. A RWD 2+2 with a hatchback. It was interesting style-wise. It was more GT than pony car. The interior, unfortunately, looked cheap and generic in that special GM kind of way.

    I'm not knocking the current Camaro. I just think it's trying too hard. It deserves better. If the current 'Vette has almost nothing that references it's early designs, why should the Camaro?

      2 years ago