After Leaving the BBC, Richard Hammond Paid Himself 2.5 Million Pounds

Sometimes you just have to "treat yo-self."

3y ago

We're all aware of the Jeremy steak punching, everyone leaving Top Gear, BBC saga from 2015. That's all in our rear view mirrors now, but it turns out that one of the boys did not leave empty handed.

It was revealed today that after leaving the BBC, one Richard Hammond treated himself to £2.5 million. I can't really blame him; after a long career had seemingly ended (and The Grand Tour was not even an idea yet), I would most certainly want to treat myself as well.

CREDIT: Press Association

CREDIT: Press Association

Hammond took two dividend payments of £1.918 million and £527,000 from his TV company, Hamster’s Wheel Productions, of which he and his wife Mindy are the only shareholders. Hamster's Wheel productions was left with £2.3million profits after the payouts, and taxes (£18,000 in tax last year and £243,000 the previous year).

It seems Hammond's production company is quite lucrative, seeing as how Hamster was paid £500,000 a year for Top Gear, which seems like a surprisingly small amount for a show of its stature!


The Sun


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Comments (17)

  • This is really none of our business.

      3 years ago
  • So what? James May did the same last year and he cashed 5 million... That's all money they earned in previous years. No problem with that, after all they did it all in the open and paid their taxes.

      3 years ago
  • All three of them do very very well we all know that ,so i dont see why we need the details..

      3 years ago
  • Pity that the BBC pays newsreaders piles of money and they bring virtually nothing to the table, yet the highest rated program in Britain and the most widely watched program in the world, which brings the BBC truckloads of cash can only pay presenters a paltry £500,000.

      3 years ago
  • The main thing we all should take away from this is that the BBC made a seriously and ridiculous amounts of money when they were working for them and that it was no doubt a huge mistake for them to get rid of their highest grossing part of their networks. Glad the guys got it together as quickly as they have and that they put themselves back in my picture tube. Without them coming on the picture maker in my living room I was forced to watch crap like the Kardashian clan and crap man because I had that one show and once it was gone the wifey took over noise box in the living quarters of our home there for causing a great deal of pain and agony amongst my mind body and soul!! LMAO! anyway I want to remind any an everyone whom may read my comment to remember that as long as we have their backs you guys they will never leave out from behind our picture tube boxes

      3 years ago