after selling for $2.8 million at Mecum, Greenlight decided to make one in 1/64!

This 1967 Cobra comes from Greenlight's Mecum auctions series!


This model is based off the most original Cobra in existence that sold at Mecum for $2.8 million. As you may know by now I am obsessed with the Shelby Cobra and this 1967 Shelby 427 Cobra is no exception. In fact if I could have any car in the world, this is what it would be!


The model car is 1/64 scale which is one of the smallest scales to collect. And in real life the Shelby Cobra is a tiny car with a massive 427 cubic inch V-8 engine in it. And when you scale it down to 1/64, it is very, very tiny. I also have a Ram 3500 dually by Greenlight and if you put the two up next to each other the Cobra looks quite small. This is very accurate to the real car and it great how much detail has been crammed into this car.

Front details

Like on the real car the front bumper inlets have been removed and just leave two empty holes on the bumper. The signal lights are bright orange and the headlights are painted a faint white. After closer examination I noticed that the white headlights were actually outlined with silver, making the car look very realistic. One of the best characteristics of the front of the car is the Shelby logo with the menacing Cobra looking back at you. The Blue paint job has beautiful white stripes and lots of little sparkles in the paint. The handles on the hood are present and are even painted in silver and it looks excellent. And the coolest part is the Mecum "sold!" sticker on the windshield!

Side details and tires

On the side of the mighty Cobra lies the vents, that are actually engraved and outlined in silver. And the best part is the 427 badge on each sides. The tires are rubber and have a blue rim painted on them like the real car and it even says "Good year" on them. The rims are olive grey and the center locks are painted silver. And there is the iconic side exhaust that glides across the car. The epic roll bar is painted black as is the interior!

Rear details

As for the rear we get to see yet another Shelby logo with the Cobra. The large fuel cap as an aluminum finish. The rear taillights are painted in red and the chrome bumpers have been deleted. The license plate says in big letters "Mecum Auctions".


So there you have it. The incredible 1967 Shelby 427 Cobra. It is packed with lots of details and is of high quality like all Greenlight models. It is after all my ultimate dream car in a scale that I can afford. I am absolutely in love with this stunning casting! Thanks to all of you who read and if you enjoyed don't forget to bump and follow for more!

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  • I don't know if it's just odd angles, but something just feels... off about this model. it seems too narrow, too tall, just out of proportion. I know the original ACs were very different than the later model Cobras, but this just feels all wrong.

      7 months ago