After the £38k 205 GTi, the £10k XS

9 months ago


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It doesn’t seem like five minutes ago that eyes were widening with incredulity at the prospect of paying £10k for a mint GTi.

But last month an immaculate 205 GTi with just 5726 miles recorded on the clock made a staggering £38,475 at the Silverstone Classic sale, and now we’re being asked to stump up five figures for its XS little brother.

In case you’re not familiar with it, the XS was a sub-GTi 205 powered by a carb-fuelled 1360cc engine.

It only had 85hp (or 80hp in the case of early twin-carb pre-TU engined versions like this) but then it only had 820kg of plastic rubber and metal to haul along, so get to 60mph in a peppy 10sec and handled almost as sweetly as a GTi.

Having covered only 39,000 miles in the hands of three owners, this car still wears its original paint – and unlike most red 205s, it still looks red, not like it’s been colour-matched to the content’s of the Queen Mother’s pink-on-pink wardrobe.

Inside, it’s a perfectly preserved Phase 1-era 205 with its two-spoke wheel, sliding heater controls and GTi seats, which the owner assures are as perky as they were the day they were stuffed.

Will he get close to £10k? It’s a hell of lot of cash for a second-string 205, but Pug fever is in the air and this is as lovely an XS as you’re going to see.

Alternately, if you fancy an XS with a little more X-factor, this stripped-out, caged-up B-road weapon is packing 105hp, and is for sale for offers around £4000.

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