After winning in Russia - can Bottas bounce back and win the 2020 Championship?
  • Yes - definitely, the comeback starts now.
  • Nope - Hamilton will still win.
  • Not sure - I'll tell you what I think in the comments.

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Comments (21)

  • Bottas needs to take the approach of, if you can’t beat them on the track beat them off it, play the political game, get in Hamilton’s head, cause him to make mistakes, stop being the nice team player.

      17 days ago
    • He could really do with trying something like that or something a bit different because what he's doing so far just isn't gonna be enough if he really wants to win.

        16 days ago
  • I don't think so. Not unless Hamilton continues to get penalized or crashes or something. The margin is narrow - but it is clear Hamilton is the better and more deserving driver.

      22 days ago
  • I know past performance is no guarantee of future performance etc etc, but based on what I've seen of him over his time in F1 and particularly since he joined Mercedes, Bottas couldn't bounce back if he were a squash ball. This latest contract extension is one too far and should not be renewed again.

      22 days ago
    • If he can keep this up and take the fight to the end of the season, then he may yet prove himself. If not...

        22 days ago
    • It would be nice if someone (anyone) would make a decent fight of it this season - I just don't see it being him that does it...

        22 days ago
  • It won't happen even if he possibly could. Mercedes would stop him dead in his tracks before they let their baby lose one championship (or even one race, most of the time).

      22 days ago
    • Hamilton worked hard to get where he is and Nico Rosberg is proof that another Mercedes driver can win the Championship if they're capable of really fighting for it. Bottas has the same machinery as Hamilton at the end of the day - so I highly...

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        22 days ago
    • Never said he didn't. I just don't think the Merc heads will ever greenlight Bottas going full steam for a championship.

        22 days ago
  • Let's hope he can take it to at least the penultimate round, but I'd be cheering for him 😬😬

      22 days ago


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