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49w ago

After years of eBay/online searches... I found it. I remember going into RadioShack in the mid-90s with my father and playing with this display/drivable model. The RadioShack employee told me to stop playing with it a few minutes after, and I remember him telling him not to worry as my dad would buy it for me (not knowing if I would be able to get it). My father got it for me, and I remember him being shocked at the price of the rechargeable batteries and charger cost, as it was almost the same price as the RC car (it was the purple Radio Shack battery brand). I played with this toy for years to come, in our building’s laundry room, drifting it before it got famous or before I even knew what that was, outside on the pavement and even in light snow! I don’t know what happened to it around the time of Junior High as we had moved and was probably beginning to be interested in “other things”. There were only a few toys that really stand out in my childhood memories, and this was one of them. So glad I found it on eBay brand new in the box from a guy in Canada last year (overpaid). I took it right out, put some batteries in it and began drifting on my hardwood floor. I remembered all the tricks. What was your favorite toy?

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  • I was nine years old I paid five dollars for the Golden arrow from RadioShack at a yard sale I spent $150 on the batteries charger and the repairs to get it running and drove it for exactly 15 minutes before a little old lady showed up for her hair appointment across the street ran it over and crashed in front of me I found this one for 50 bucks on eBay joy of my life LOL

      10 months ago