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Agatha Christie's cars

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I like reading Chritie's novels. If I have to choose between Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot, I'd like to be Hercule Poirot. Anyway, it's another debate. Whether you read some of her novels, you found out some references to the cars. Her characters drive some cars which were so representative of the motoring history. Imagine the British countryside, a small village with a Lord, some inhabitants and a hero who comes from a land far away from the quiet place where there's a murder. How our chap travels into this quiet and worrying village? How the inspectors from Scottland Yard arrive fastly on the scene of the crime? They use cars of course. Here we go discovering some cars which are really elements in Christie's novels.

The Endless Night (1967) : an Americano-British automotive atmosphere

​The Endless Night was published in the 1960s. Until the last paragraph, you have doubts about the murderer. In this novel, Agatha Christie was inspired by the automotive atmosphere. What's the script? After building their new house, a rich couple spend time driving on the British roads or going to auctions. Of course, they own cars which are interesting elements if you analyse the models. The American girl drives a Mini, the perfect British car of the people whereas her British husband has a Chrysler, an American car without forgetting the classic Land Rover, doctor's car.

At Bertram's Hotel (1965) : Miss Marple and the modern cars.

​The Bertram Hotel is one of the last Edwardian places where the old aristocracy and the old ladies like talking about the past drinking cups of tea and eating scones with butter (or jam). Why Christie uses cars to show us an oppisition between the old and modern cars? The owner of the hotel, a female adventurer, Bess , her boyfriend, Lazlo (a Polish car racer) and her daughter, Elvira have some secrets to hide in an automotive atmosphere. I can't tell you what are the roles of the Mercedes and the Morris Oxford. Scottland Yard's inspector and Miss Marple find out the links between those cars and the hotel at the end of the novel. Come on guys! Read it if you're curious.

Murder Is Easy (1939) : The world of the British luxury cars.

​What is a Lord without his mansion and his Rolls-Royce? In that novel, every element is very interesting even the cars. I can't tell you why Whitfield's RR is so important because I don't want you to spoil the end. The Standard Shaddow, hero's car, is a model from Jaguar. After the WW2, the name of the car brand was changed. The letters 'SS' reminded sad moments after the Blitz. That second car is driven by our hero in a small and mysterious village where people don't like the modern world. Even the smallest villages have some devil secrets and some cars!

The Secret Adversary (1922) : A famous sinking,mysterious plots and a Roll Royce

A Roll Royce built in the 1920s (Credit : Pinterest).

It's definitely my favorite novel written by Agatha Christie. If you like reading James Bond's novel, you would be happy to read The Secret Adversary. An American young woman who survived to Lusitania's sinking in 1915 is kidnapped meanwhile an infernal plot to reverse the British Government is organized by a mysterious man or woman. Are there some links between these two facts? It's a good question. Our heroes, Tommy and Tuppence have to infiltrate and investigate on that. Later, an American and rich gentleman helps them giving them all the money they need to manage their missions buying a Rolls Royce or inviting our poor friends in Londonian luxury hotels. Julius P. Hersheimmer have some secrets even if he become the third heroes of the adventure.

This is the end of the first article on Agatha Christie's cars. Don't forget to read if you like the motoring literature. I'm sure you would like discover Jane Brewer's tribe :